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The Bristol Society of Magic can provide a variety of amazing and entertaining shows for community, charity and festival events. From a large stage show featuring several different and contrasting acts, to a cabaret version, down to a close-up or parlour show magic for smaller audiences. Our performers range from children’s magicians to comedy magicians, illusionists and mind readers as well as card experts and close-up table magicians.

Many of our members are professional and semi professional performers and experts in their in own style of magical entertainment. Our shows are suitable for family entertainment and can be hosted by community centres, local churches, schools and community groups as part of their event programme. They can also be part of local festivals, Summer Fairs, Christmas events, Rotary Club events, Lions Club events and community centre programmes.

A magic show can help your organisation in several ways:

  1. It can help raise funds for your organisation
  2. It can help raise the profile of your next event
  3. Bring some variety and something special to your event
  4. Create a memorable event that people will talk about for a long time


50/50 Shows
Known as 50/50 Shows they are presented in partnership with the host organisers who would arrange and publicise the show including arranging the venue and selling the tickets whilst we arrange and provide the entertainment and technical back up according to which style of show is appropriate. The Bristol Society of Magic receives 50% of the ticket sales and the organising group keep all other food, beverage and raffle sales with the other 50% ticket sales.

We provide and put together a special show according to the venue and audience which could be a stage, cabaret or close-up show where magicians circulate around three or four different rooms. Which ever the case the magic is amazing and bewildering proving that seeing is believing and the best way to experience magic is to come to a LIVE SHOW!

If you would like to discuss a magic show for your organisation’s next event then please get in touch with Society Secretary  0117 9512417

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